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Know the Effect of Sun in Various Houses in Astrology

In Indian astrology, the sun is called the King of the planets.

The main reason behind this is that all calculations in Indian astrology are predominantly based on the Sun, from the time of sunrise.
The Sun is also seen as Rahu and Saturn in the form of a separate planet. It means if it looks on the house then it will remove the person from some other way, apart or unhappy. The only vision of the sun is that the seventh sight.

Apart from this, on the rashi of friendship, the friend is adversely affected when the person is in favor and in enemy territory. We have seen that some months for us are very painful, then some are very good. Mainly it is due to the presence of other planets in the Sun as well as going from one of the twelve zodiac signs to another.

The change or movement of any planet from one zodiac to another is known as transit. As on January 14, the Sun enters the Capricorn with the sagittarius rashi. This is what we call Makar Sankranti because it is the Sun's revolution.

Sun remains a month in one zodiac. In this way, in twelve months or year, from the Aries to the Pisces, they are able to complete the journey of all the twelve zodiacs in straight order.

Sun and moon are never vakri. 
For example, the first three rashi are Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Take a planet in Taurus, and if the planet changes rashi and goes into Aries, then these rashi Instead of in the straight order, in the opposite order. Therefore, the path of the planet will be called a vakri. However, by changing the rashi from the straight order, if the planet goes into the Gemini with the Taurus rashi then Because of this move it is called margi.

Rahu and Ketu will always go in reverse order.

So both of them are always vakri. 

Now we will see the effect of sun in various houses in chart.

*In the first house - From the marriage or birth rashi, if the sun travels in the first house then it gives physical pain, anxiety of husband and wife, expenditure of money and wasteful work.

* In the second, the sun causes disease, money loss, anxiety-strife.

* In the third house, Parakrama, good fortune, conquer enemies, celebrate festive and auspicious program.

* In the fourth house, the state fears, pain to the mother, disputes with the father, obstacles in the work and reduces happiness.

* In the fifth house, there is wealth loss, deviation in mind, worry of children etc.

*In the Sixth house gives opportunity to freedom from disease, victory over enemies, money gain, travel and advancement.

*In the Seventh houseDue to abdominal disorder in the seventh house, there will be stress, failure, financial hardships and mental distress in marriage.

*In the eighth house provides sun damage, mental instability, accidents, state loss and disease.

**In the ninth house - The wind of Navam Bhava confronts vain speculation, failure and failure.

**In the tenth house - Increases the happiness in tenth house, promotion in the workplace, gift-lottery, excursion etc.

*In the eleventh house Eliminates the path of education, benefits, children-happiness, money-benefit, health-benefits and progress in Eleventh house.

* In the twelfth house, in vain spending, physical suffering, trust, ambition, state fear and loss.
* For accurate analysis, any horoscope can be told only by observing the conditions of other planets and their transit.

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